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Medicare Marketplace and Exchange

Retirement can be a confusing time regarding healthcare selection and requires thoughtful planning. Recent changes in the Medicare marketplace have made individual insurance plans more affordable and the responsibility of selecting a plan resides with you, the retiree.

We have partnered with SelectQuote Senior, who can help in evaluating your Medicare options. SelectQuote is an insurance exchange service established in 1985. They can help in answering your questions and in selecting a Medicare plan that provides the coverage that’s right for you and your Medicare-eligible dependents. This service is free and there is no obligation.

SelectQuote Senior will be able to guide you through your Medicare coverage options and provide you unbiased price comparisons from multiple A+ rated insurance carriers to deliver competitive rates on Medicare plans. SelectQuote’s private Medicare exchange, SelectQuote Senior, offers Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans. These plans increasingly provide equal or better coverage than may be offered by existing insurance carriers, generally with lower monthly premiums.

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