Risk Management

We provide dedicated resources to reduce your losses, this reduces your costs.

We Focus On….

  1. Safety
  2. Risk Control
  3. Resources
  4. Services


  • As your business partner, we work with you to establish the most efficient and compliant safety guidelines and programs

Risk Control

  • We provide the tools and knowledge to effectively reduce work-related personal injury, as well as property and casualty exposure, through implementation of customized risk control services

Problem Solving

  • We work with you to manage risk control issues, advocate on your behalf and help you find the best solutions

Risk Control Services

  • Accident investigation protocol
  • Development
  • Behavior based safety
  • Combative resident behavior (healthcare)
  • Contractor safety
  • Cost of worker’s compensation
  • Disaster planning (emergency action plan)
  • Drug and alcohol programs
  • Elopement protocol analysis (healthcare)
  • Ergonomics
  • Fall protection
  • Fire safety
  • Fleet safety
  • Food services safety (healthcare)
  • Forklift information/certification program
  • Guarding equipment recommendations
  • Hazard communication/training
  • Industrial hygiene
  • Infection control evaluations (healthcare)
  • Insurance company relationship management
  • Job safety
  • Lockout/tagout program assessment
  • Loss analysis
  • OSHA information/guidance
  • Personal protective equipment assessment
  • Resident transfer program analysis (healthcare)
  • Respiratory protection program
  • Analysis/training safety committee guidance/structuring
  • Safety program formulation/review
  • Safety training (compliance-based/industry specific)
  • Technical support