Property & Casualty Insurance

Our goal is to create a partnership with your organization in order to achieve the most cost effective risk management program.

  1. Understanding
  2. Review
  3. Analyze
  4. Integrate
  5. Develop
  6. Design
  7. Communication
  8. Assess

Understanding Your Organization

  • We meet with your leadership team
  • Our goal is to understand your priorities
  • Our goal is to know your business challenges
  • Our goal is to discern your business culture

Review and Identify

  • We visit your locations and observe your operations
  • We are diligent in gathering information
  • We identify the past, present and future of your organization
  • We challenge¬†your current assumptions regarding risk/ We will challenge why you are doing what you are doing

Analyze and Audit

  • We examine existing insurance policy terms and conditions
  • We review leases, agreements, contracts and other documents
  • We assess past loss experience results, trends and future impacts
  • We evaluate your organizational flows (material, product, revenue and people)

Integrate JKJ team and services

  • Dedicated Client Management Team
  • Dedicated Safety and Engineering Team
  • Dedicated Claims Team
  • Our teams will integrate with your people at all locations and everywhere you do business

Develop and Implement Non-Insurance Strategies

  • Risk avoidance
  • Risk transfer
  • Risk mitigation
  • We develop a complete Organizational Risk Management Strategy

Design and Procure Insurance Coverage

  • We approach the insurance marketplace
  • We develop and present our coverage specifications
  • We review and present options to you
  • We determine insurance company (ies) we are partnering with
  • We execute coverage

Continuous Communication

  • Your program will grow and change as your organization evolves
  • We engage your leadership team
  • We provide perspective and data for you to make more informed decisions
  • Our experience will tell us that risk is not static, it cannot be looked at only once per year

Assess your results

  • Our integrated teams will assess your results
  • We regularly review your loss experience with you
  • We implement new strategies to address loss trends
  • We regularly discuss and evaluate if the program is meeting your expectations