Property & Casualty Insurance

We take pride in providing unparalleled service delivery to clients and are committed to developing a strong risk management partnership with your organization.

The ultimate goal being a reduction in your long-term cost of risk!

  1. Client Services
  2. Evaluate
  3. Partnerships
  4. Audit

Client Services

  • We have dedicated the resources of three full-time Risk Control Consultants toward minimizing exposure as well as cost associated with injuries and insurance losses
  • Our extensive experience in handling commercial insurance has taught us that the rigid combination of service and interactive partnership can achieve the lowest net cost

Risk Management Evaluation & Services

  • Our Risk Management Audit involves several steps
  • Each facet of the audit requires input from JKJ and our client
    • This process is proven to reduce exposures through identification, reduce frequency and severity of losses through implementation, and ultimately reduce the cost of insurance through management and mitigating risk more effectively and successfully
  • We believe hard work is important
  • We also believe that working smart is just as critical

Client Partnerships

  • Our client retention is second to none
  • The resources of three full time Risk Control Engineers and three full time Claims Consultants allow us to manage an insurance and risk management program proactively instead of reactively
    • Our goal is to become your trusted resource, not a dispensable vendor
  • Throughout our history, strong insurance company relationships have been created
  • Our risk mitigation approach correlates to low loss ratios throughout our client portfolio
  • Insurance companies covet our business because they know what to expect from our clients loss future
  • We certainly would like to learn about your business, its operations, and its approach to risk control
    • Together we should easily be able to determine if our combined values and goals lead us to an opportunity of working together

JKJ's Audit Process

Our Audit Process Includes:

  • Identifying exposures
  • Designing strategies to transfer risk
  • Developing goals to reduce or eliminate exposures
  • Implement strategies
  • Track progress
  • Assess value annually