Wellness: Health Matters

logo_healthmattersHealthy companies need healthy workers.  That’s why it’s our goal to provide you with the knowledge and resources you need to develop wellness strategies that will empower your employees to achieve and maintain healthy lifestyles.




  1. Insight
  2. Lifestyle
  3. Engagement
  4. Knowledge
  5. Impact

  • Your Wellness Coordinator will collect information and provide key insight to help design a wellness program to meet your specific needs
  • We assess the current health of your employees and seek to understand their future wellness needs and interests
  • We work to understand each client’s specific company culture
  • We develop internal wellness committees to keep programs on track
  • Our partnerships with preferred vendors provide increased program impact
  • We keep your programs in compliance with new wellness regulations

Employees can learn valuable behavior changing skills through targeted programs that change their lifestyle habits for the long term.

  • We coordinate:
    • Fitness Programs: on-site exercise instruction, walking programs, stretching programs, fitness incentive campaigns, corporate fitness memberships
    • Nutrition Programs: dietitian services, weight management programs, healthy eating and cooking seminars, on-site healthy food selections/vending machines
    • Education and Prevention Programs: cancer prevention, heart disease/stroke prevention, diabetes, cholesterol reduction, substance abuse, stress reduction techniques, smoking cessation, mental health

  • Understanding what programs work best for your employees, in your work environment, are key to maximizing the opportunity for engagement and success
  • We help you craft messaging to positively position your wellness efforts
  • We select incentives that will drive employee participation
  • We promote challenges and campaigns to keep employees motivated
  • We implement tactics to reach and engage spouses and dependents

Since every organization is different, we work with you to determine the best tools/communication vehicles to help give your employees the knowledge they need to obtain and maintain good health.

Some tactics include:

  • HRAs/Biometric Screenings
  • Group Activities/Demonstrations
  • Individual Counseling/Coaching
  • Lunch n’ Learn Seminars
  • Health Fairs
  • Targeted On-Site Materials
  • In-Home Mailings
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Wellness Newsletters
  • E-Mails

  • We can help track, evaluate and measure program results:
    • Participation and Engagement
    • Employee Satisfaction Surveys
    • Health Risk Assessments
    • Biometric Screenings
    • Health Coaching Programs
    • Worksite Wellness Assessment Scorecard
  • Analyzing claims information is another way we make sure your wellness programs are on the right track
  • We incorporate key value-based benefit designs that identify and reduce/remove cost and assess barriers
  • We implement outcome-based programs that can positively impact medical expenses, productivity and workers compensation
  • We educate employees on the benefits of being wise medical consumers
  • Improving organizational culture, presenteeism, employee morale and retention are also part of our goals