Employee Benefits

We strategically partner with you to reflect your culture in accomplishing the most effective benefits program for your organization. To learn more about Employee Benefits, click on the topics below.

  1. Administration
  2. Brokerage
  3. Communication
  4. Compliance
  5. HR Strategy
  6. HRMS
  7. Wellness

  • We will minimize your time, your cost and your confusion associated with administering your benefits program
  • We provide you with a client service team to handle all of your enrollment needs
  • Your JKJ team will coordinate open enrollment, new hires, life events, terminations and COBRA administration
  • We will ensure you that all of your processing is accurate, in compliance, and handled in a timely manner
  • We will act as your employees’ advocate, resolve claim and billing issues if they arise

  • We provide you with employee benefit and human resource consulting
  • We review, analyze and design your Group Medical, Group Dental and Group Disability and Life Insurance programs
  • We are focused on partnering with you to develop an innovative employee benefit structure and execute it through employee communication, education, wellness and accountability
  • We have direct relationships with all national and regional insurance carriers
  • We build financially strategic programs to meet your organizational needs including captives, private exchanges and self- funded plan designs

  • We help you design a well- orchestrated message to your employee group
  • We develop a year- long comprehensive communication strategy, ensuring that your employee benefits program is understood, utilized and valued
  • We have on-line Employee Benefits Portals and Human Resource Management portals to assist with organizing data
  • Our custom design communication includes:
    • Employee Announcements
    • Enrollment Guides
    • Total Compensation Statements
    • Newsletters
    • Posters
    • Payroll Stuffers

  • We will assist you in meeting the increasingly complex area of compliance for your benefits programs
  • COBRA Administration, HIPPA procedures, How plans are communicated, consistency of Written Plan Descriptions and your employee handbook, payroll technology interface with your benefits plans are just a few examples of areas where we can be of assistance
  • We provide ongoing and timely assessments, support concerning laws and regulations as they relate to PPACA, COBRA, HIPPA, ERISA, and other federal and state laws that govern your employee benefit program
  • Through access to our day-to-day counseling services and staff trainings, seminars, webinars, and routine information sharing, we are your regulatory and compliance resource

Click HERE To View the Compliance Library

  • Special Enrollment Opportunity in the Federal Marketplace for COBRA Beneficiaries (Click Here to view the compliance document)

  • We will assist your organization by supporting your internal HR team
  • We will ensure that your Benefits strategies and communications are aligned with your organization’s vision, mission and goals
  • Our partnership with HR will play an integral part in your company’s success

  • Human Resource Management Systems is the intersection of Human Resources and Information Technology
  • Creating a unique system that is custom-built for relevance and flexibility
  • We provide consultative assistance in creating a customized HRMS solution unique to your needs
  • It starts with an analysis of your current systems
  • It continues with:
    • RFP and Vendor Selection Assistance
    • Demo Scheduling
    • Vendor Fee Negotiation
    • Carrier Connection Assistance
    • Deployment Guidance


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