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Employee Expense Reporting- Are You in Compliance?

Regardless of industry, every successful company incurs costs associated with attracting new clients, servicing existing clients, and maintaining professional designations outside of the office.  These costs often occur as “out-of-pocket” expenses to the employee.  In order to be reimbursed by the company that employee must complete an expense report.  In the event of an audit by the IRS, it is important that the employer have an accountable policy in place which includes acceptable documentation.

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Keep Your Eyes on the Road…..

  • 71% of teens and young people say they have composed and/or sent SMS while driving (Source:
  • 78% of teens and young adults say they have read an SMS message while driving (

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Steps to Take When You Have an Auto Accident

When reporting an auto claim for the first time, one might not know what questions to ask and what information to gather.  It’s always a little nerve wracking after having that first accident, whether it is a little fender bender or a much bigger type of accident.

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How Long Till It’s a Habit?

According to WELCOA, “Some experts say it takes about 21 days, and other research indicates that it takes closer to 70 days to develop a habit.” The exact number of days it takes to develop a habit does not matter because it varies from individual to individual.

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Ahhhh Summertime

Time to entertain and keep an eye on your guests! Whether you are hosting the big summer holiday barbeque or hosting  a few friends over for the game, in most states, if you are serving alcohol  you can be held liable for your intoxicated friends actions at your party or on their drive home.


This can range from your guest landing in the hospital after falling down a flight of stairs or if he drives home drunk and causes an accident.

If the injured party sues, your assets can be on the line.

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Generalist vs Specialist- A Checklist for Your 401 (k)

If specializing is a good thing…

Most people would agree that for so much of life there is value in specializing  –  and, as such, they’d prefer to work with a generalist rather than a specialist.  Would you hire an estate planning attorney to do company’s employment practices litigation?  Hopefully not.  And there is a reason your family doctor won’t do your knee surgery.

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Windows XP support has ended. What now?

Over the last couple months we’ve all heard it was going to happen, and it has!  On April 8th, after 12 years, Windows XP was sunset, retired, no longer supported.  In the business world, your IT Department should have been on top of this and handled any necessary upgrades for your office.  On a home computer, the responsibility is all yours.

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May is National Bike Month

May is National Bike Month and is celebrated across the country.  It was established in 1956 and is a chance to showcase the many benefits of cycling and encourage more people to give it a try.

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After Decades of the Status Quo Health Benefits Get a Makeover

The Affordable Care Act (ACA), signed into law in March 2010, rocked the health benefits world. Every industry has its own historic timeline that illuminates significant discoveries or changes in product or product delivery.  Health Benefits Insurance is no different.   From the inception of group health benefits plans in the 1940’s, the advent of Medicare and Medicaid in the mid 1960’s and HMO’s in the 1970’s, very little has changed in health benefits delivery.

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Transatlantic Trade: Cutting the Red Tape

On April 29, 2014, I had the opportunity to be part of a European Business Roundtable in Wilmington Delaware that discussed the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. This session was presented by Lindi von Mutius of the German American Chamber of Commerce.

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