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Keeping Your Family and Home Safe From a Hurricane

Hurricane Season begins June 1 every year and ends November 30.

Coastal residents from the Gulf coast and Eastern Seaboard, as well as residents from the Caribbean to Martha’s Vineyard need to be prepared in the event of a hurricane.

If you live in a hurricane prone area creating a safety plan and understanding the time to execute the plan are critical aspects of being prepared.

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My Time as a Summer Intern at JKJ

Obtaining an internship is an integral part of any student’s career development. Last summer I had what I would call a summer job. It was something that would keep me busy until school started again. I don’t view my internship at JKJ as a “summer job; I view it as a great opportunity to gain experience in an industry I would like to have a career in.

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My Summer Internship at JKJ

As a sociology and anthropology major at Colgate, I was very unsure of what I was getting myself into with a summer internship at an insurance brokerage. Aside from the basic knowledge that many have of insurance, I was pretty unfamiliar with all of the functioning details and nervous of what would be expected of me. Now after 10 weeks here at JKJ, I am by no means an expert of any sort, but my basic knowledge has become more wide-ranging.

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Interning at Johnson, Kendall & Johnson

After switching my major to Human Resource Management and Employee Relations midway through my junior year of college, I quickly realized that I needed an internship to gain real world experience. Deciding to intern at JKJ was the greatest career move I have made thus far.

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Another Great Summer at JKJ

It’s hard to believe that I’m finishing up my third summer here as an intern at Johnson, Kendall & Johnson.  As always, I was thrilled to be back. Currently, I am preparing to go into my fourth year at Shippensburg University where I am majoring in Early Education.  I’m extremely thankful to have the opportunity to be a JKJ summer intern. Working here has taught me that there are many different components that go into being a successful business, such as great people, solid work ethic and a supportive environment. I also had the chance to learn a bit more about the insurance industry.

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U.S. Supreme Court Rules Against the Affordable Care Act’s Contraceptive Mandate

On June 30, 2014, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that closely held for-profit corporations with sincere religious objections to certain types of contraceptives cannot be required to comply with the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) contraceptive mandate. Under the ACA, employers with non-grandfathered health plans are required to provide cost-free coverage for certain preventive care for women, including all FDA-approved contraceptive methods. Three family-owned corporations objected to providing health coverage for certain types of contraceptives, based on their owners’ religious beliefs.

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Going to the beach this summer? Don’t forget to pack the sunscreen!

“The intensity of sun exposure for beach goers is certainly elevated. Both water and sand can reflect up to 80 percent of the sun’s rays, adding to your overall exposure, “ said Perry Robins, MD, President of The Skin Cancer Foundation. “ However, beach and pool activities can be enjoyed safely as long as people take some extra precautions.”

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