Secrets to the Healthiest Cities in the World

Although a healthy lifestyle is defined uniquely by each individual, these cities seem to be doing it right and ultimately, there is something we can all take away from them.

LONGEVITY – “Your health is wealth.”

Okinawa, Japan

Don’t just choose between living a long life and living a full life. Okinawa, Japan inhabits the longest-lived population in the world, as well as the highest concentration of centenarians. Their secret? Wealth. Not money. They are financially poorer than the general Japanese population, but rather their health. Physically, their culture consists of daily exercise paired with a lean diet full of vegetables and fish. Mentally, their culture emphasizes optimism, adaptability and socially connecting with extended family.


HAPPINESS – “Be present and focus on the good.”

Copenhagen, Denmark

The culture of Copenhagen boils down to the simple act of taking a breath. Don’t overwork yourself and remember to enjoy. With over 249 miles of bike trails and an abundance of local outdoor markets with fresh produce, Copenhagen is an optimal relaxed atmosphere. It’s proven that when we focus on our experiences rather than things, we are rewarded with higher levels of satisfaction.


LIVABILITY – “Do the things you love.”

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is not only noted for low crime rates and an excellent education system, but it is also the most welcoming city in the world. Acceptance of not only self importance, but also the important of others can go a long way. Melbourne is a culture of encouragement to do you.

HEALTHY HABITS – “Find inspiration and lose yourself in your work.”

Napa, California

Avoiding stress is one of the more difficult tasks a person can face. Stress is often a factor in chronic disease, cardiovascular disorder and infectious disease, so to say that it is important to manage is an understatement. Napa is known to embody the arts, whether it is wine or scenic views. Remember to promote music, cooking, writing, theater and exercise regularly. And most importantly, remember to laugh.

HEALTHY BABIES – “Become a lifelong learner.”

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Having the lowest infant mortality rates is undeniably a reason to applaud Monte Carlo. The simplicity of a child’s clean slate is something that one may desire, yet it is equally as significant to realize that we never lose that potential. Look to constantly enrich your knowledge and never stop challenging yourself. Never end a day without first taking away something from it.

Author: Karoline White

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