JKJ Visits Chandler Hall for a Day of Service

On Wednesday, June 11th our JKJ interns took part in a volunteer service program over at Chandler Hall.

Below are two testimonials from two JKJ interns reflecting on their volunteer experience in a volunteer service program over at Chandler Hall:

~ Testimonial from JKJ intern, Melissa Remmey

I really enjoyed volunteering at Chandler Hall and I am glad that I had the opportunity to spend time and eat lunch with the residents who live there. I think Chandler Hall is a very unique and valuable aspect of the Newtown community.

~ Testimonial from JKJ intern, Rachel Friend

Our day at Chandler Hall was a wonderful experience for everyone. We were able to lend a helping hand and also had the pleasure of meeting some of the residents. It was a great opportunity to learn about Chandler Hall and see firsthand how well they take care of their senior population.