The Johnson, Kendall & Johnson family of companies, for over 60 years, has been and will always be, focused on providing value- added and creative solutions across the financial services spectrum with the most creative talent in the industry.


static_history'56 (DJ)-363x314static_history'56 (TK)-363x314static_history'56 (EJ)-363x314static_history'59-363x314 1956:Edwin Johnson, David Johnson and Ted S. Kendall form a partnership in Newtown, PA to market Life and Property and Casualty Insurance.
1959: Johnson, Kendall & Johnson, Inc. is incorporated.
static_history'65-363x314 1965:Johnson Benna Inc. is incorporated to focus on Life Insurance and Employee Benefits; together both companies form the Johnson Companies.
static_history'80-363x314 1980:Johnson Administrators is formed to manage Self-Insurance programs.
static_history'81-363x314 1981:Johnson Companies sponsors the first 401k plan in the USA under the leadership of Ted Benna.
static_history'86-363x314 1986:As sister organizations, the companies within the group have employee growth in excess of 500 employees with multiple locations throughout the United States.
static_history'90 (DW)-363x314static_history'90-363x314 1990:Johnson Benna Inc. and Johnson Administrators merges with Noble Lowndes USA. JKJ separates from that merger and becomes a standalone entity owned by its management team. JKJ creates a focus for the Senior Living Industry, led by Richard Willis, providing special and unique services and products.
 static_history'91-363x314 1991:JKJ’s first Agency Owned Captive is formed to serve the Senior Living Industry.
 static_history'94-363x314 1994:Bruce R. White and John Wright re-organize JKJ’s business model to provide world class risk management services, maintaining a capability for serving all 50 states. The first dedicated Risk Management Safety specialist is hired to provide Loss Control Services. JKJ expands to provide dedicated services for Claims Management.
 static_history'96-363x314 1996:JKJ becomes a founding partner of RiskProNet International, an organization of nationwide insurance agencies throughout the U.S.

2014: Created a formal practice for Social Service and Nonprofit Social Organizations that provide specialized services to the Nonprofit Sector in Risk Management.

2014: Engaged by the Philadelphia Eagles to be their Property and Casualty broker and have since worked with three other professional sports teams.

2016: Became formal members of the Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers.


  • JKJ launched our community service initiative “Passion with A Purpose”.  As insurance and risk management professionals, our mission statement “Our Passion is your Protection” has become the guiding principle on how we serve our clients and protect their valued assets
  • JKJ is recognized as one of the Best Places to Work of Mid-Size Employers in the Philadelphia Region
 static_history'98-363x314 1996:JKJ Benefits is formed to provide the same level of value added consulting in employee benefits as JKJ meet the challenges that employers are experiencing in structuring employee benefits programs.
 static_history'09-363x314 2009:Wellness initiative is created to provide value added services in helping maintain healthy lifestyles, through the dedicated JKJ Wellness team.
 static_history'10-363x314 2010:Provided ongoing strategic consulting for addressing challenges of complying with the new Affordable Care Act.

2011: Developed an Employee Benefits captive focused on providing alternative solutions to middle market employee benefits clients.

 static_history'12-363x314 2012:Developed and integrated human resource information systems support capabilities.

2014: Engaged by the Philadelphia Eagles to be their Employee Benefits broker and have since worked with three other professional sports teams.

2014: Brought in an in-house legal counsel, so Employee Benefits could provide our clients with in-house legal services.

2015: Entered into a strategic initiative with an international payroll company, so we could provide compliance solutions for the Affordable Care Act.

2016:Johnson Kendall & Johnson is honored to be the recipient of the prestigious “Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America Award.”

 static_history'08-363x314 2008:A joint venture is formed between JKJ and Dr. Friedrich E. Hörtkorn GmbH, Heilbronn, Germany providing risk management services to international businesses.Daniel Reck is hired from Hörtkorn to lead the initiative in the United States along with John Wright and Ann Collins.
 static_history'11-363x314 2011: John Wright is named President of UNiBA Risk Solution Partners, an international brokers network headquartered in Brussels, Belgium.

2015: We began an international series on Risk Management in Germany to educate German companies on doing business in the United States in conjunction with accounting and law firms.

static_history'11(FS)-363x314 1934:William F. Lee, Sr.,begins his life insurance practice as an agent for Penn Mutual,with an office on Walnut Street in Philadelphia.

1960:William F. Lee, Jr., joins his father in their life insurance practice, which later trades as “Lee Associates”.

1989: After moving to the Main Line and establishing itself as an independent insurance practice, Lee & Associates joins the M Financial Group (which was founded in 1978).

1994: Tim Malarkey joins Lee & Associates, following his successful work in actuarial roles at three major insurance carriers.

2000: Lee & Associates becomes Lee, Burke & Malarkey, LLP, and then later adopts the trade name “1934 Group”.

2011: JKJ Financial Services grows out of the merger between JKJ and the Lee / Malarkey financial services practice, offering continuous service to its clients since 1934, and provides expertise in the following areas:

  • Planning for wealth accumulation and transfer
  • Advanced life insurance and annuity design, implementation and service

2013: New Estate and Income Tax changes significantly alter the planning landscape for high net worth individuals, and JKJ Financial Services expands its expertise in this new tax regime.

2016: As a Member / Owner of The M Financial Group, JKJ Financial Services is part of the launch of the industry’s first multi-carrier “eUnderwriting” platform, enabling the implementation life insurance policies in days or even minutes, without traditional insurance examination and underwriting requirements.

static_history'11(FS)-363x314 1980: IRS Section 401(k) becomes effective

1981: The Johnson Companies launch the first 401(k) plan, for its own employees (a plan which is still in place, today, for the employees of the JKJ companies)

2011: JKJ Retirement Services is created, as the JKJ family of companies re-establishes its leadership in the Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plan Space, providing the expertise in the following areas:

  • Qualified Retirement Plan Design and Investment Advice
  • Non-Qualified Plan Design and Consulting

2013: Ben Hall joins and assumes the leadership JKJ Retirement Services, returning to a practice where he began his financial services career in 1999.